Friday, September 13, 2013

The Hummer....

First off...9 out of 10 of you have a dirty mind!!! That being said, today was my Monkey's first day at playschool!! I have to admit, that it went a lot smoother than I had expected. Which pretty much means that the Monkey didn't beat anyone's ass!!

 So aside from her having a good time and making some friends, I would like to discuss the weird kid in her class. Okay, before you judge me....listen!!!

 You have seen him before. He is the kid with scratches, bumps and bruises ALL OVER!! He is the kid with the constantly runny nose. He is that kid that always seems to need a "talking to". What makes him extra special, is that he ALL THE TIME!!!

Don't feel confused by that...I mean that quite literally. He doesn't talk, or whine, or use any kind of words...he HUMS!! He hums quietly. He hums softly. He hums in short bursts and in long, drawn out cords.....he is a hummer. And I am not sure that anyone found that strange....besides me and my Monkey!

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