Friday, June 21, 2013

The "Religion" Post.......

Current events....well they suck. 

There is no such thing as happy news anymore and the tidbits that you do get....are usually somehow tied to a tragedy. 

It's easy to find oneself on the topic of religion, when it seems as though the world is going to hell in a hand basket. People are dying, children are starving, the government is scheming....

Okay, I should say this though. What I am about to say it relevant only to me. These are MY views and MY opinions and I am in no way preaching these. As with all things I post, take it or leave it, I'm still gonna say what I mean and mean what I say. 

Here we go......I am not 100% convinced that there is a God. Hell, I'm hardly 50% convinced.

It's out there now, I said it. 

I am not sure that there is or can be, an almighty, in such a fucked up world.

I read an article a day or two ago, about a little girl that died back in December of can read it for yourself, although I don't recommend it. Read the full story here! 

This poor baby, (and I do mean BABY, she was only 4 months old) was rapped, beaten and strangled by her mothers boyfriend. The baby died from the injuries she suffered, mostly the ones to her anus....yes, you read that right. That sick sonofabitch sodomized that child....and she died from it. 

The P.O.S that gave birth to that poor baby
The icing on this shit cake, is that the bitch.....gosh...bitch is just too nice for her....

Okay, the baby's SO CALLED mother, allowed all this to happen. She even encouraged it. 

I won't get into how monumentally FUCKED UP this all is....cause I would hope that anyone reading this would come to that conclusion on their own.

The point is how could this "God", allow for that child, or ANY child really, to go through something like that? To suffer in such a horrid way? Why not toss a lightening bolt at her mother and the douche that put his hands on her? Almighty??? I think, maybe not!

It's not just that either, there are soooo many things messed up with our world and getting into even a few of them would take quite a few posts. 

The moral of my story is not that God does not exist.....its that, if he/she would be a great time to make your appearance, your losing your following!

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