Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Perhaps I was wrong.....

In my earlier post, I said that there was no cure for racism. 

There is some truth to that, there will always be intolerance in this world.

 Not just intolerance for race, but for sex and sexual preference and just about anything else that makes us different from one another.

But there is a hope for racism. There has been for quite some time. In the case of Martin Luther King Jr. was a dream. 

For me, it's a hope.

 That one day people will not see color.

 That one day, bi-racial and multiracial children will not be "different", but the norm. 

I hope that people will realize that we are stronger when we stand together, not just in times of tragedy, but everyday. 

I hope that my children will not have to experience the hurt that intolerance creates. That they will grow up feeling like Americans....not Afro or Mexican American.....just American. 

I am going to do my part.

 I am going to teach tolerance to whomever I can, whenever I can. 

I am going to check my way of thinking as well....I guess you could say that I am "starting with the man in the mirror".

I hope that people will read this and realize they are in need of some changes as well. Everyone is guilty of intolerance....even me. We ALL need to work on it....if not for ourselves, then for our kids. 

Otherwise we are just raising a bunch of future assholes that will undo all the good that has been done.

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