Friday, May 31, 2013

It's just no fair....

For my first three pregnancy, my husbands behavior has been, shall we say....less than desirable. He wasn't awful mind you, he just wasn't on his game, like he should have been.

I won't go into that, cause it's already late.

Anywho, this time around, I have made it perfectly clear to him that this is his last chance to do right by his pregnant wife. I plan on getting fixed..ha ha, so there won't be anymore late night cravings, sore feet and mood swings for him to attend to.

He has been wonderful!! He cooks, he cleans, he tends to the children. He is patient and attentive. A perfect example of how a man should treat his pregnant wife.

Now wouldn't you know it, this pregnancy has thus far....been a breeze. I know all too well how quickly that can change so, I am not going to jinx myself here. But it has been smooth sailing SO FAR and I think that he is getting over kind of easy.

I mean, even my cravings are easy to handle. Sucks that all I seem to want is healthy shit and non-food items. Fruits and vegetables, super-icey ice's just not right.

So I am hoping that I start getting some off the wall cravings, pretty soon here. Ones that will take him to store miles from us, in search of that one item only "they" have.

 Oh, and that my feet swell like balloons and he has to spend hours rubbing them. All the while jumping up to fetch things for me and the kids.

That's horrible, I am a mean wife. Lets just blame it on my hormones
I am eating this as I type this out. My husband went to two different store to find the cucumbers for this.....they have lemon juice, salt and cayenne pepper on them.....YUUUUMMMMM. 

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