Wednesday, February 27, 2013

About the name.....

Before I get a bunch of questions regarding the ludicrousness (that word is FABULOUS) that is my site name....I thought I would beat ya to the punch and explain it. BubbaBittyMonkey, is a slam together of the "pet names" given to my children, by me, when they were infants.

My son, and first born, is my Bubba Boy or FatBoy.....he is thin as a rail and almost has been slim, but for a few precious months as an infant, he has the CHUBBIEST cheeks and legs!!!! It was too much, but it didn't last and so I affectionately refer to him as my sweet Bubba Boy.

My oldest daughter is my Bitty Girl!!! Bitty came into this world a giant, at only a little over 4 lbs. She was itty bitty....and that's exactly what I called "itty bitty baby girl". The title stuck and now she is my big Bitty Girl, cause she's 5 now......and that's not a baby!!
My baby, my Monkey, was tiny like Bitty at birth. She was only a few ounces heavier and maybe an inch longer. The only really noticeable difference between my girls as newborns, was that Monkey had the longest lil' gripping toes I had ever seen on a baby. So she we kissed and tickled those lil' monkey toes, as often as we could. At around 8 or 9 months old. She sat and watched an entire episode of "Curious George", she was hooked. It just seemed so fitting that my monkey toed baby, would take such interest in a mischievous monkey!!! Then she hit 18 months and decided to let art imitate life.....she's trying to "be a good little monkey" :)

There ya have it, the origins of Makes sense now, huh???

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